#1234 – The 1-2-3-4 Hash

Dear Guangzhou Hashers,

We had to run 1233 times, we had to circle up 1233 times and we had to bash 1233 times to finally be able to do this for the 1234th time.

This absolutely unique event in the long & beautiful history of the GZH3 will take place this Saturday and we will have a special 1-2-3-4 step program ready for you on this day.


1.The Run: It will be 1234 times better than any run before. Better trails, better weather, better marking, better Point B, etc. It just can’t be described in words….

2.The Circle: It will be rounder than ever before, our GM and RA will shine in the circle as never before, the ice we are going to put the Hares on will be colder than ever before, the vessels will be fuller, the singing louder……

3.The Dinner: The food will be tastier, the beer will be colder, the drinking table louder, the Table Down Downs more frequent….

4.The Surprise: As this event is so special there will be a surprise for everybody at the end of the run. Hash Cash is already 1, 2, 3, sorry, 4! days miserable for having to separate from her rmb’s for this surprise so it must be a good one!


This is a special one, don’t miss it!!!

Further details:

When/Where: meet at Mango Bar at 1:30PM this Saturday, September 28

Hares: 00-Dirk & Circle-Jerk

The run: The 1234th!!!

Fee: 50rmb excl. optional dinner




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