#1358 – The Not For the Faint of Heart Hash

Ladies and Gentlemen (sounds like...) of the Guangzhou Hash,

our beloved hares have toiled looooong and haaaard in the dark to bring you a beautiful ballbuster trail this weekend! Through hours of traversing both jungle and mountainous terrain, they were able to find their spiritual master. The first stage of their quest had been completed, but the master had further plans for them. That master has blessed them with the task of testing the endurance, bravery, and drinking ability of China's best hash. 

It is with great honor and humility that your experienced guides - Shoeless and Scratchy - will condition both your body and spirit as you embark on an adventure towards enlightenment. DO NOT leave your (liquid) courage at the door, for it will aid you in the darkest of hours. 


What: GZH3 Run #1358: Not for the Faint of Heart

Hares: Shoeless Ho & Scratch 'N Sniff

When: Saturday, January 16, 1:00 PM SHARP!

Where: Mango Bar - Taojin Metro Exit B


Note 1: This will be a longer trail, so please bring a flashlight or head torch with you and be at the Mango Bar on time!! Bring money for a taxi if you're coming after 1:30.

Note 2: There IS a walking option, however you should be sure to have 5-10rmb on you as you will need to cross through a park.


On On!

-Scratch & Sniff

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