#1368 – The Non-Bureaucratic Hash

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

There is no reason to doubt that this week’s hash will be any less exciting than any other Best Hash Ever: The trail is German engineered, hence ingenious, and the weather will once again be hashedelic due to the timely sacrifice of a virgin scout and a virgin hare.

Upon announcing this during the hash press conference at the Gold Mango Bar late last night emotions got somewhat out of control, and the author of this hashvertisement sincerely hopes that Tony will be able to finish the renovation works in good time before the Nash Hash.

“Since when is the mismanagement counting our scoutings?” a furious activist hasher demanded to know. “This violation of our privacy must stop. Now!” he added, and the pack began to cheer louder.

“And what's with that publishing of our real hash names on the website?” another hasher inquired. “Can’t the mismanagement even protect our hash identities properly?”

“But we need to publish them so that everybody can see whether we spell them correctly. You know, for the Nash Hash mugs,” one mismanager explained once the pack let him breathe again. And after another minute under water he cried out “You see, we engrave your names on the mugs.”

Well, that made sense, but when the pack finally got ready to untie him one real smart hasher shouted, “Who cares, the deadline for getting the mug engraved ended yesterday.”

That also made a lot of sense.

“No, no, no,” clarified the mismanager quickly before getting underwater again, “that was just a silly joke, a really silly joke indeed. The real deadline, of course, ends on Saturday. Just pay up to the Hash Cash and I personally will make sure that you get your real hash name engraved on the mug. Hasher’s word of honor”.

Now, less than 12 hours after this historical hash press conference and with the hangover slowly kicking in, I wonder whether all this really happened. Did I really witness how the masses brought their will upon the almighty mismanagement by simply cajoling them? And will the mismanagement keep its promise even if this means to overcome ancient bureaucratic structures, or are they once again only trying to trick you into speeding up your payment? Well, there’s only one way to find out: Pay the Hash Cash.


When: Saturday, March 19, 2016 @ 1 PM

Where: Gold Mango Bar

Who: Forest Hump, Chao Fan, Demi and 00


On On,


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