GZFMH3 Run # 145: The 1500th Celebration or The Drinking in the Moonlight Hash

Ladies and 'Gentlemen' of the GZ Hash and the rest of the world,

As you know, GZH3 are celebrating this weekend their 1500th run with a full scheduled fest of runs, circles, bashes and beer. There is no exception for the Full moon Run. Except the moon itself provides the stage light in GZ alleys to drink and dance in the moonlight.

So better stretch your bellies and arms with some cold beverages at the base of all drinkers, Mango Bar, before the 1500th madness will kick in.

What: GZFMH3 Run #145: The 1500th Celebration or The Drinking in the Moonlight Hash
When: Jun 29th, 7:30PM OnOn
Where: Mango Bar Taojin Exit B (Line 5)
Hare: Lost Sausage & Pornstache
Bring: Torch, Drinking Arms and Dancing Shoes

On On!
-The Hares

Disclaimer: China and hashing can be dangerous activities. The organizers of the Guangzhou Hash accept no liability for anything that happens before, during or after the Hash.

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GZFMH3 Full Moon Run #144 – The Practical Exam Hash

Ladies & "Gentlemen" of the Guangzhou Hash,

Just Orchid has been practicing her "English" skills with the loashis of the GZ hash for quite a while, but was never confident to publicly show what she learned. Inspired by FMTs performance on Saturday, she wants to show the world that she can do better.

Still uncertain on how to do that she sought the counsel of Count von Cunt who introduced her to some tutorial videos in some lesser known parts of the internet (but very well known by veterans such as 3IOP)

Now it's time for her to show what she learned. So join on Wednesday to test Just Orchid's skills on setting the best beer stop (and trail) ever!!!

On On Wednesday!

What: GZ Full Moon Run #144 - The Practical Exam Hash

When: Wednesday, May 30th, 7PM Meet, 7:30PM On On!

Where: Haizhu Square Metro Exit D (line 2 and 6)

Trail: A to B

Hares: Hares: Just Orchid & Count von Cunt
On On!

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GZFMH3 Full Moon Run #143 – The Instant Hash

Ladies & "Gentlemen" of the Guangzhou Hash,

Modern society - for better or worse - is all about instant gratification. We can have Meituan delivered to our door in minutes, Skype with our grandmothers for hours, and access high-definition RedTube for 37 seconds at a time. If you're as talented as Turtlehead, you can even accomplish all three at the same time.

Sticking to its ethos and mission of developing a better world for the human race, the Guangzhou Full Moon Hash additionally looks to make things as instant as possible. In this week's full moon hash, the lightning-fast hare will only be given a 5-minute head start before the pack goes after him. If...and I must emphasize the IF...the hare is caught, the hasher who catches him becums the new hare and gets a few minutes to set a trail in a new direction before being caught.

What: GZ Full Moon Run #143 - The Instant Hash

When: Wednesday, May 16th, 7PM Meet, 7:30 On On!

Where: Wuyangcun Metro Exit A

Trail: A to B

Hares: Three Inches of Pain

On On Wednesday!

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