The current Mismanagement team

These are the fuck-ups who make you cum week after week

Three Inches of Pain - Grand Master

"The First Inch is always the hardest"

Shoeless Ho - Religious Advisor

"Simon says 'Bend Over!'"

Thumbelprints - Hash Cash

"Pay the money now laaaa"

Hunkaspunk - AssGM

"Daily showers are overrated"

Womb Raider - Ass Cash


"Guys, don't let me drink anything before I go into the hot tub"

Scratch 'n' Sniff - The Harerazor


"He with the most hair is the harerazor"

Lost Sausage - Beermyster

"Keep your arms, legs, beer, schnitzel in the vehicle at all times."

Pornstache - Webwanker



No Means No - Quartermaster



Bolly Boobs - Haberdash


"China became too expensive, so we outsourced to Bangalore."

Dingleberry - Haberdash


Graduated from 'customer' to 'hasher' to 'mismanager'.

Dry Hump - Cultural Advisorette


"You guys have fun. I found a Mahjong den."

Turtlehead - Cultural Advisor


"Guys, there is a slight problem with the bus driver..."

Papasan - Hash Artist


"Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuuun..."

Itchy Britches - Hash Artista


"Those who cannot do... teach. Those who cannot teach... teach art in GZ"

 - Resident Social Justice Warrior


"Banned for life after her first hash..."