#1424 The Estrogen Adventure

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Ladies & “Gentlemen” of the Guangzhou Hash,

In the continued spirit of International Women’s Day, a pair of GZH3 hariettes have joined forces to bring you this weekend’s run. While the Mismanagement thought it adequate enough to simply dedicate tonight’s full moon hash (!) to the ladies, Womb Raider and The Silver Bullet have grabbed the hash by its balls and demanded more.

Not only do the women get a Full Moon hash in their honor, but now they’re setting trails by themselves? What’s next, moscato on the Hash? A GZH3 Instagram account? Free speech? The right to vote? The possibilities are endless and terrifying!!!

Cum Saturday to feel the estrogen hammer leveled upon the Guangzhou Hash as WR&TSB set the best Women’s Day Hash That’s Not Actually on Women’s Day Ever. And as an added bonus, the hares will only be taking 70% of the haring stipend, which means more beer for the Hash!

What: GZH3 Run #1424: The Estrogen Adventure

When: Saturday, March 1th. Meet at 1:00PM SHARP!

Where: The Mango Bar – Taojin Exit B (Line 5)

Hares: Womb Raider & The Silver Bullet

And don’t forget tonight’s FULL MOON HASH!

What: GZFMH3 Run #121: The International Women’s Day Hash: Women Run for Free!

When: Wednesday, March 8th. 7:30PM

Where: Haizhu Square Metro Exit A (Lines 2 & 6)

Hares: Three Inches of Pain & No Means No


On On!

-Three Inches of Pain

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