Welcum to to Guangzhou Hash House Harriers

Guangzhou’s favorite drinking club with a (trail) running problem. Cum and join us for a nice stroll through the hills surrounding Guangzhou. Open to all not afraid of sweat, mud, humour and beer and capable of a 10km walk, hike or run through hilly terrain. No registration needed, just join in time at the A point mentioned below. We are not a company, active help and participation of all required.


Meet us (nearly) every Saturday at 1 PM at the Gold Mango bar

Next Hash

  • Run #1588: ‘The Spanish Armada Hash’

    Ladies and ‘Gentlemen’ of the Guangzhou Hash,
    The year was 1588. The embattled red-headed bastard daughter of a drunken tyrant ruled Britain. Plagued with political division in Parliament and religious schism among her people, history’s 2nd most famous virgin* stood strong and watched as her enemies were hammered against the rocks at Gravelines. Her name? Elizabeth the First.
    The run number was 1588. The enabled fair-headed legitimate daughter of a drunken tyrant ruled the Guangzhou Hash. Plagued with political division in Mismanagement and religious schism in the circle, history’s 3rd most famous virgin ate ice cream and watched as her father’s friends got hammered against the rocks near Maofengshan. Her name? Nila the Just.
    Just like the English attitude toward the Spanish in the year 1588, the Hash attitude in Run #1588 is don’t cum if you haven’t been in Guangdong for 14 days! BUT, the Guangzhou Hash is a bit more polite than the English* and will have a Spanish red wine (and BEER) stop to drown our Covid sorrows and salute those drowned Catholics from centuries ago.
    On On!
    -The Hares
    *Sounds like, sounds like…
    What: GZH3 Run #1588: ‘The Spanish Armada Hash’
    Hares: Three Inches of Pain & Just Eros
    When: April 4th – 1:00PM Sharp!
    Where: The Gold Mango Bar (100M west of Taojin Metro Exit B)
    Price: 70rmb for adults, 35 for kids, free for babies that don’t drink 4 Coca-Colas during Hash
    Bring: MASK REQUIRED ON BUS – NO EXCEPTIONS. Change of clothes/shoes, virgin, VALID/UPDATED SUIKANG CODE.

Other activities

We also have a monthly Full Moon Hash, as well as a Friday, the 13th Hash and a Halloween Hash. We try  to hashvertise the details a few days prior to the run. No update yet? Try sending an e-mail for the latest info.


The Gold Mango Bar is opposite of the Garden Hotel on Huanshi Dong Lu 361.

By subway: Taojin Station, line 5, exit B. Walk 100 meters down the road. The Gold Mango Bar is at the foot of the flyover.

By taxi:  我要去环市东路361号(花园酒店对面)

email: gzhash@gmail.com


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Disclaimer: China and hashing can be dangerous activities. The organizers of the Guangzhou Hash accept no liability for anything that happens before, during or after the Hash.