Run #1,610: ‘The Meaning of life Hash’

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash.
A decent hashvertisment is always the most attractive way to lure people. However with my shitty English it’s hard to express myself properly but here we go….
Have you ever been desperate in your trashy life? Are you constantly struggling to get rid of or overcome shit all the time?Just come to the hash on Saturday and you might find out the significance of your life and understand why your life is always the way it is.*
Cum and enjoy the “meaning of life”hash to discover your unique understanding of your “unique”** life… or just get drunk and forget about it, hahaha.***

On On,
The Hares

  • It’s the beer
    ** Useless
    *** Batman find the meaning of life in haring with a different sexy harriette every week

What: GZH3 Run #1,610. The Meaning of life Hash
Hares: Hicky Hoe, Batman, BnB

When: Saturday Sep. 5, 1:00PM SHARP!
Where: The Gold Mango Bar – 100m west of Taojin Exit B
Price: 130RMB for adults, 65 for kids, free for babies that don’t drink 4 Coca-Colas during Hash including Dinner
Bring: Change of clothes/shoes, mask for bus, valid Suikang code, trash bags, virgins!

Disclaimer: Hashing and China in general are dangerous. The GZH3 accept no liability for stupidity, be it theirs or yours.

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