#1103 – The Addictive Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Do you believe what they say, that hashing is the most dangerous past time activity? Well, obviously it’s not quite true. Let’s hear what Ms. Mi Tu Hai, speaker of the Guangzhou Health Department, announced just yesterday. “Latest studies indicate that haring is even more addictive than hashing. Especially Kiwis are prone to do whatever they deem is necessary to set the ‘best hashes ever’.  Such distinctive delusions are usually only known from the members of the German diplomatic corps.” She couldn’t help but adding ”It’s really, really scary.”

Well that’s some tough shit that Ms. Mi Tu Hai is trying to tell us here. However, her warning comes not an instant too early: The Kiwis are doing it again. They once again promised to set ‘the best hash ever’. Come all and witness what extensive haring can do to a fine young couple, when Sir Cum and mastermind Globetwatter are attempting to set just another ‘best hash ever’.


Where: Gold Mango Bar

When: This Saturday at 1.30 P.M.

Dinner probably to be held in GZ down town


On On,


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