#1126 – The Another Orange Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Dutch runs have been given many unflattering attributes in the past. We had, ‘The Cheesy Run’, ‘The German Wannabe Run’, ‘The Big Fukkup Run’ and even such offending and humiliating ones as ‘The Orange Run’.

This week’s hares are therefore more than just determined to change our perception on Dutch runs. In a statement released last night, the hare Constipation emphasized that ‘this week’s run will be the Best Hash Ever that was better than the previous week’s run’. Does that make any sense to you? No? Maybe it does when you know that last week a kind of Dutchie had been one of the hares, too. Still doesn’t make any sense to you? Well, then you better get your ass to the Gold Mango Bar on Saturday at 1.30 pm to find out.

Honestly, there is absolutely no reason to get worried about anything at all. Why? Because Hunkaspunk is not only this week’s other hare, but also the distinguished beermeister of the Guangzhou Hash. In the same statement from last night, Hunkaspunk promised that beer will be served ‘at almost frozen temperature and in unlimited quantities’. And that, fellow hashers, does not sound a bit like bullshit to me.

Also no bullshit: Dinner is near the run-site. However, there is a possibility to go back to town by public bus, in case you have to go to a Halloween Party. And that brings me to the next topic:

The First Helloween Hash in 2011!!!*


When: October 31st, at 7.30 pm

Where: Start at the Gold Mango Bar

Grand Mattress: Boxy Pussy

Religious Advisor: Meatballs

Food selection: La Zi Ji

Hares: Double-0-Dirk plus one

What: All that a proper Halloween party needs: a good run and lots of beer

On On,


* An event that officially makes all other Halloween parties look like Sunday School.

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