#1181 – The Bunga Bunga Hash

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Ladies & Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

You don’t need to be a part of Sleazio Berlusfony inner circle to enjoy a superb Bunga Bunga swimming pool experience. Just cum hashing this Saturday where, after finishing an epic “Best Ever” run, a cool swimming pool(this time WITH water), will await you at Point B.

–INSTANT UPDATE–According to latest information the swimming pool is indeed filled up with water but also with fish for the restaurant…. Hares now urgently looking into organizing a Bunga Bunga dinner party……

Further details:

Hares: Hunkaspunk & Constipation

Where: meet at Mango Bar at 1:30PM

The run: category Best Ever, choice of Runners or Walkers trail

Beverages: unlimited, ice cold, largely consisting of beer, imbibing from 2PM on

Dinner: at run site



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