#1193 – The El Dorado Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

The race for the Best Hash of the Year 2013 is officially On On! The hares of Saturday’s hash announced that they are going to raise the bar sky-high for all following contestants by simply setting a mind-blowing virgin trail, also (humbly) called ‘the Best Hash of the Year 2013 in decades’. And if that weren’t already good enough they also promised to add the most pristine beer stop any Guangzhou Hasher has ever come across. Whether the dinner will be at the run-site or back in town hasn’t been decided yet.

“We will see on Friday when we finally go out to find the legendary ‘El Dorado of Hashing’ that generations of Guangzhou Hashers have been speculating about” said one of the hares. “Maybe they have a nice restaurant around there, too.”

The crowd at the Mango Bar – still inebriated from the New Year’s Eve Party – cheered to the hares upon this announcement, except for one crotchety hasher who for obvious reason hadn’t received an invitation to any party at all.

“Hashers this is, complete bullshit. How can they, be so sure about the trail and the, beer stop when they haven’t even, got a clue where the run is going to, be!” he challenged the hares.

But who gives a flying fuck about what one grumpy and seriously punctuation-challenged hasher has to say, and so the evening went on happily and peacefully, and upon the latter Tony finally displayed his best Louis Armstrong smile.

On a different note: What will change for the Guangzhou Hash in 2013? Well, nothing really. We will carry on to be the best Hash in Greater China. We’ll also continue to defy inflation and keep the run fee at a mere 50 RMB.

Where: Gold Mango Bar

When: Saturday, January 5, 2013 @ 1.30 PM

Who: Furry Thing and 00

What: The El Dorado Hash

On On,


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