#1292 & 1293 – The 30th Anniversary Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

After last week’s truly unfortunate incidents* you might be thrilled to hear that we solved all bus issues and confirmed a proper hash bus that will bring us to the pleasant beach resorts of Xichong and Dongchong to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Guangzhou Hash. Now it’s on you to secure for yourself one of the final 8 seats on it. 

This is what you get for the heavily subsidized run fee of just 480 RMB:

  • fun ride to Dong Chong
  • a fantastic Saturday trail and a witty circle
  • delicious dinner
  • a hangover trail on Sunday morning and a hilarious circle
  • exquisite lunch
  • beer and softies throughout the weekend
  • a superfunny hash shirt
  • one night in a shared room at the hash hotel. Ask whether Hash Cash can arrange a single room for you. Don’t worry, she’ll make you pay for it.
  • fun ride back to GZ Sunday afternoon.


We meet on Saturday, October 25, 2014 @ 10 AM at the Gold Mango Bar.

We then drive straight to the A-point. We don’t stop for lunch! There is also no food on the bus except for what you bring. So bring your own lunch, and if you want to be popular bring a bit more and share it with those who cum unprepared.

We get back on Sunday before dinner.

If you aren’t on the bus on Saturday and have to catch up with us in Xichong, you want to wait for us here: map to Saturday A-point from Shenzhen Station. Best is to have someone’s number on the bus for first hand information on ETA.

Can’t make up your mind? Check out our pictures from last year.

Still can’t make up your mind? Well, unfortunately, this will also be Circle Jerk’s Fuck-Off Hash. So, this weekend gives you the unique opportunity to make leaving to his new refuge even harder for him by simply showing him the time of his life. Stockholm H3 has no idea what’s going to cum upon them, and the GZH3 yet has to find out what this means for its very own fate.

On On,



*Making the hares the innocent victims and the ones who drove up to Maofengshan to support them true blue hashers while I am the Meanest. Sorry for the screw-up.

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