#1309 – The Valentine’s Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

A lot of hashers are very worried about ‘Friday, the Thirteenth’ while, in fact, the really scary day is the day after, at least in this month and certainly if you happen to be involved in a romantic relationship. It’s the so-called ‘Valentine’s Day’, one of the most sinister scams ever pulled off by the international flower syndicate. Unfortunately, their impressive commercial success comes at a high price: the transformation of a perfectly fine winter day into a 24-hours-walk through a mine field.

That’s where the Guangzhou Hash steps in, again in its traditional role as the savior. We offer everything your better half demands of a perfect Valentine’s Day such as the flour* and the fine dining, but without the typical Valentine’s mind games, and hilarious fun instead. No one who is in his right mind could possibly miss this.


When: Saturday, February 14, 2015 @ 1 PM

Where: Gold Mango Bar

Hare: Constipation, still looking for his Valentine flower bitch  


On On,


*”Sorry, honey, I didn’t realize you meant the w-flour with the extra e.”


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