GZH3 Run # 1493: The Good Ol’ Hash

Ladies and ‘Gentlemen’ of the GZ Hash,

Cum, run, drink, swim, eat, drink, drink, drink!

What: GZH3 Run #1493: The Good Ol’ Hash

When: Jun 23nd, 1:00PM SHARP!!!

Where: Mango Bar Taojin Exit B (Line 5)

Hare: Hunkaspunk & Mystery Hare

Bring for yourself: shirt, optional swimming trunks

Bring for your baby: hat, 5 diapers, 1 swimming diaper, wet wipes, dry wipes, drool, cloth 2 sets of clean clothes, 1 warm meal, 1 fruit snack, spoon, assorted other snacks, 3 doses of milk powder, hot water, 2 pacifiers, milk bottle, water bottle, baby-Bjorn, teddy bear, shoes, pants, flotation device, mosquito spray, ass cream, sunscreen, umbrella, towel, wife, baby, cart.

AND! Last handful of days to register for the 1500th Weekend in YINGDE. Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st… epic weekend in store!

On On!



Disclaimer: China and hashing can be dangerous activities. The organizers of the Guangzhou Hash accept no liability for anything that happens before, during or after the Hash.

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