#1138 & 1139 Soggy Biscuit’s Fuck-Off Hot Springs Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Happy 2012!!! The last hashing season ended with a Big Bang yesterday, and the new season is immediately starting with one of this year’s hashing highlights. Yes you heard right. Soggy Biscuit is fucking off, and the Guangzhou Hash has nothing better to do than to go away on a hash weekend.

The buses are filling up quickly, in fact the Friday bus might be overbooked already. So if you want to go, let us know soon. If you still would prefer to go on Friday, you should mention it. Maybe we can still find a way to get more of you to Conghua on Friday night, but we need to get a better idea of the number of hashers who want to go. As always, the mismanagement will try its best to make everyone happy.

The fee is 280 RMB and that includes

Transportation to Conghua on January 6 or 7, and back to Guangzhou on January 8, 2012

One Lunch box on the Saturday bus

Two runs

One night in a double bed room at the hash hotel (Hashers who go on Friday have to pay the extra night themselves)

Post circle dinner on Saturday

All drinks on the bus and in the circle

And now also: French Tickler’s yummy BBQ after the Hangover Run on Sunday!!!

If you make up your mind to show Soggy the Hash Respect he deserves, and to help send him off in a good old hash fashion, let us know ASAP. This will also help us to coordinate with bus drivers and the hotel.

On On,


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