#1142 – The Real Dragon Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I didn’t want to hare this weekend, but then Constipation flattered me, assuring me that I was not only the best hare available, but in fact the only one at all. Who could have said no? No truly vain hasher could have, and I am certainly not exceptional.

But there is another reason why I am so eager to hare. Just yesterday, Hash Santa reminded me of his recent promise: Hashers who hare 6 times will receive a pair of the prestigious ‘Hares-get-laid’ running shorts of the Guangzhou Hash. The shorts come in two shapes, the ‘Get-out-Easy’ model for our male hares, and for our harriettes the even more practical ‘Get-in-Easy’ model. Kick-off date was, of course, X’mas 2011. The shorts cannot be purchased. The edition is limited to 20 or 25 pairs, so better hurry. Register as a hare with Constipation today, if you feel the urge to get laid in the Year of the Dragon.

Some smart hashers have already read the signs of the times and are excited about the prospects the prestigious ‘Hares-get-laid’ shorts offer. And so, it is my preasure to present to you as the co-hare of the first hash in the Year of the Dragon, and as a good omen of sorts for the upcumming hashing season: The Angry Dragon.

Thanks to Meatballs’ good guanxi with the local weather gods the sun will be out and the temperatures will be up 10 or 15 degrees from where they are right now. So don’t be a pussy and cum to the Best Hash Ever in the Year of the Dragon!


When:                                   Saturday, January 28, 1.30 PM

Where:                                  Gold Mango Bar


On On,


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