#1146 – The Great Leap Forward Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Don’t worry. We are not going to romanticize the early years of revolutionary China. This hashvertisement is entirely and exclusively on exciting Guangzhou Hash matters. Two of our fellow hashers will make a Great Leap Forward in their quest to become the first to receive the extremely cool, and – more importantly – highly prestigious running shorts, sponsored by the ‘Hares get Laid 2012’ campaign of the Guangzhou Hash. In fact, one of the hares is going to set her third hash since X’mas, the other one his second! That is certainly amazing and the pack will therefore want to celebrate them.

‘So who are these two fellow hashers who will leap forward so greatly on Saturday?’ you are probably asking yourself right now. Well, as all great hares, also these two are humbler than anything else, and have asked me not to reveal their names. Hence, my lips are sealed, and in the following their names have been scrambled by our own hash software to a state of non-recognition. So cum and find out who these fine hashers are. I can only disclose this much: The run will be long! And it will be hard!


Where: Gold Mango Bar

When: Saturday, February 25, 2012, at 1.30 PM

Who: Globetwaxxer and Sir Cxm


And this is what the charming representative of the Guangzhou Health Department, Ms. Mi Tuhai, had to say at the Hash press conference at the Mango last night:

‘Long! And Hard! hashes can be very strenuous, and Kiwi-style runs in particular are designed for humans and sheep only. Dogs, however, can face a dreadful fate, so better think twice before you expose your four legged friend to the Hash.’

Or better still: Don’t think about it at all.

On On,


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