#1152 – The Small Talk Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Shamefully, during last week’s circle, the highly anticipated celebrations in honor of the hares got somewhat drawn out of the focus of attention. Instead of carrying the glorious heroes of the day on their shoulders, and praising them for having set the Best Hash Ever, some smart-mouthed hashers had to start an intense and very, very dreadful philosophical discussion on the nature of virginity. Some clowns claimed that it’s not possible to be just a little bit virginal, meaning that one is either 100% virginal – or not virginal at all. Others (women of course…) asserted that virginity is merely an antiquated concept used to oppress their species. In all fairness: That all sounds like a big pile of bullshit to me. I still remember what my old father had to say about this when I was a little boy.

‘Virginity lies in the eye of the beholder’, he preached time and time again.

Shouldn’t that make us think? I think not.

Still, it was infuriating to see how the hares didn’t receive the ovations they had earned. I guess it is true when they say that life isn’t fair, and that our world isn’t a perfect one. And maybe I even have to blame myself a tiny, tiny little bit for this cock-up, since I was the author of the hashvertisement which eventually stirred up all this irritating trash talk.

You live, you learn. So, in order to save this week’s hares from the same degrading fate that their pitiable peers had to endure last week, I have banned all controversial issues from this week’s hashvertisement! Instead, it’s entirely on innocuous and rather irrelevant topics, such as why wooden shoes are really great for haring, cheese builds better bodies, Heineken will never be the Hash Beer of Choice, and the Dutch economy is at the brink of a collapse.


When:                                                 Saturday, April 7th, 2012, at 1.30 PM

Where:                                               Gold Mango Bar

Who:                                                 Hunkaspunk and Constipation

What:                                                 loads of virgin trails


On On,


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