#1154 – The Questionable Hash

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Some people are born great hares, some are not. Cum this Saturday to
see to which of these groups Constipation and Hunkapsunk belong! Other
important questions that will be answered are:

Will one bus be enough?
Is anybody actually reading the PRD’s newest and most objective glossy
“In the Red”?
Will Saturday be really the only day this week without rain?
Did Constipation and Hunkaspunk whack enough bushes?
Will Matt remember his promise of wednesday night?
Will there be Sunshine?
Will OO Dirk’s objective writing for “in the Red” about our hash have
any effect?
Will the bus brake down again?
Will this really be the best hash of the year?
Will Sir Cum follow Globetwatter this time or stay with the girls again?
Will snack diva Diarrhea show up again?

come to see
Saturday 13.30 Mango!
“Dinner” on site!

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