#1155 – The Incredible Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hash!

This weeks run will offer incredible things!
1.) A luxury bus to bring you to the run site!
2.) A runsite you have never seen before!
3.) A trail you never ran before!
4.) A trail that is laid so excellently, that it will go down in history!
5.) 2 Hares that could easily pass as Gods!
6.) Cold beverages in an amazing variety!
7.) A circle with an astonishing level of high cultur!
8.) A bus ride back with lots of piss stops!
9.) A dinner that would make the most famous restaurants in Paris envious!

…… Or will it be the usual bullcrap: 
A) Shitty bus
B) Shitty runsite
C) Shitty trail
D) Shitty and confusing laid trail
E) 2 Hares that could easily pass as Gods
F) Shitty cheap warm beer
G) Shitty circle
H) On the bus ride back your bladder will explode
I) If you survive dinner, you will sue the restaurant

Be there to find out the truth! Saturday 1:30 at the Gold Mango. Dinner will be back in town!

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