#1156 – The Zapatista Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

 Emiliano Zapata was a leading figure of the Mexican revolution, but what he got really famous for is of course the Zapata’s bar chain with bars and clubs in Shanghai and maybe even in other places. Their loyal patrons are usually referred to as the Zapatistas.

Starting from Saturday, Guangzhou will also have a Zapata’s branch! That alone would already be a good reason to get euphoric, but it’s still getting better. As the Guangzhou Hashers are known to be distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen (for evidence see above) with a touch of class, we have all been invited to the Grand Opening on May 5th @ 6.30 PM.

You have to PRINT OUT THE INVITATION to get in! Otherwise anyone could claim to be a hasher.

From 6.30 until 8.30 PM it’s invitation only, after that they will admit basically everyone, classy or not. Free snacks will be served until finished (rather earlier than later) and free drinks until 9PM.

Great deal, you probably say, but how can I make use of it? I have to go to the Best Hash Ever, and we won’t be finished at 8.30, at least not long before that. And then I also still have to shower and get dressed up a bit, haven’t I?

Yes, yes, yes, that’s all correct. Even though the Hash will be set close to the city, you might not make it in time for the free drinks. At least not, if you are planning to shower properly. Therefore, Zapata’s man on the ground in Guangzhou, fellow hasher Winnie Mandela, is handing out 80 RMB drink coupons to all hashers that come late because they had gone to the Hash. That’ll buy you two Mexican Revolutionary beers without missing the first swim Hash in 2012!

Really? A swim Hash?

Yes, that’s right. After recent torrential rain falls all water reservoirs are full and the water is cleaner than ever.

So cum all to the Hash on Saturday, and find out why Globetwatter is tougher than Sir Cum (and anyone else of us).


Where:                 Gold Mango Bar

When:                   Saturday, May 5th @ 1.30 PM

Who:                     Globetwatter and Sir Cum


On On,


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