#1158 – The Red Dress Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

(You receive this hashvertisement already today, to give you two more days to prepare your red dress in time)

The Orphan Education Society of Guangdong (OES) supports orphans and other poor children by paying their school fees, study materials, food etc. It is run by Mr. Wang Song Tang, a former executive manager with COSCO in Guangzhou. Grateful that life had been so good to him, he had long had the desire to give something back in return. After retiring he founded the OES, initially funding it with his own savings. Thanks to his his great organizational skills, he encouraged over 1000 volunteers to help. Many of them spend a lot of time traveling to the countryside to make sure the money is spent properly, and on the right kids.

Nowadays, the organization has further expanded its scope and also supports sick people who cannot afford urgent medical treatment. During my visit to Mr. Wang’s cramped and busy office a few weeks ago, he mentioned that the OES is going to pay for a surgery for a patient who is suffering from thalassemia. The idea to cover this patient’s surgery had been favored by some members of the voting committee. You can imagine how happy I was to hear that OES is taking care of this patient, because at the end of the day a majority of mismanagers had voted for the OES to be the beneficiary of our Annual Red Dress Run.

When I met Mr. Wang, I asked myself two questions. Does he have the right intentions? Furthermore, is he capable of running this quite large organization without being ripped off too much and without an administrative head which is too big for the body? I believe the answer to both questions is Yes!

In order to cut a long story short: We are going to collect donations for the OES, both, before and after the run, and you are advised to bring a bit more cash to the Hash than you usually do.

Whilst no one will be physically forced to give, the mismanagement strongly recommends that you are going to wear something RED. This is an ancient hash tradition, and we Guangzhou Hashers do obey it!!! Offenders might be put on ice.

When: 19th of May, 2012 @ 1.30 PM
Where: Gold Mango Bar
What: Charity Run. Give, if you can
What else: Extra Ice

What else else? Chuck has lost her Yangchengtong on the bus or at the Mango last Saturday. Normally, I would not mention this in a hashvertisement, but here’s the deal: She offers a favor for the safe return of the card. Probably it’ll even be a big one, because this card is also her SYSU card…. and frankly, I have absolutely no idea what that could possibly stand for….

On On,

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