#1159 – The Amazingly Virginal Hash

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cum on the amazing virgin–

ahem, hash.

Virgin trail, virgin hares, relive your first time… on the hash.

Hearken back to the days of runs safe from the shady advances of boy toy moosefucker Tim.

As you know, a virgin trail is rare on the Guangzhou hash, which is why we worked LONG and HARD finding the best run in GZ. We don’t want people finishing early but we promise it won’t hurt too much!
Remember, it’s always better on top — you will marvel at the beautiful views from the peak of GZ.

Be amazed at how the weather in GZ is always so beautiful (we can’t complain about a little wetness).
Finish the runners trail to arrive in Jannah and have a circle with 72 virgins!!!

(and if 72 is not enough, I have it from a credible source that any hashers who manages to catch Tim the Hare can have their way with him)

Show up at Mango Bar at 130pm Saturday, May 26th to find the other virgins and begin the day’s rough, but satisfying session.

Tim + Chuck

Hashvertisement Off.

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