#1173 – The Deprived Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

The hare line is completely empty!

You can imagine the heated atmosphere at the Gold Mango last night. Once again, it was the mismanagement that had to take all the blame for breaking the bad news. Only good that Tony’s experienced team was sensible enough to keep the pitchers of ice cold Tiger beer rolling in, otherwise the place might not be our hash bar anymore.

Hashers, as much as I can understand your anger and frustration, but what is the mismanagement supposed to do about it? Nowadays, we are getting about 60 people every given Saturday, and it should be fair to assume that there are a few more hidden talents who are capable of setting a good trail. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make the Hash happen. And of course this doesn’t stop with the haring. We also need people (aka ‘the unsung heroes’) to help clean the buckets, vessels and cans before and after the run and so on. So don’t be shy and give a hand when you see that a hand is needed.

But back to last night. Extreme situations require extreme measures and when Tony gave us a warning that we were running low on beer and the temperature in the bar would reach boiling point soon, the mismanagement made a final dramatic attempt to save the interior of his bar.

‘If we must we are going to fly in hares,’ promised our fearless harerazor Constipation, and with this he could buy himself and Tony a tiny bit of much needed time.

He certainly made good use of it. Right there at the Mango Bar, he was forced to call two truly experienced hashers. To cut a long story short: He managed to charm these two into being our hares on Saturday. As you are reading this mail, they are on the way from Amsterdam-Shithole Airport to Guangzhou on the fastest plane they could get hold of, to set what they claim to be ‘the Best Hash Ever’. I can assure you, these two are on fire and ready to go above and beyond their limits, because they have been deprived from the Hash for months, or maybe even for weeks! So don’t miss the fun.

What: The Deprived Hash

When: Saturday, August 25, 2012 @ 1.30 PM

Where: Gold Mango Bar

Who: Globetwatter and Sir Cum

The Kiwis are back and they will be our celebrated heroes on Saturday. If you want to know how it feels to be a celebrity, sign up as a hare. We need hares starting with the run on September 1st, and then on every Saturday thereafter. Contact Constipation or me.

On On,


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