#1172 – The F@%cking Hash

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Who: Mark and Miley

What: The F$%king Hash

When: August 18, 2012

Where: Huolushan Forest Park

Why: The F$%king Hash


This week’s Hash is obviously going to be LONG and HARD because under the tutelage of my heroic American father-figures on the Hash, Floppy Disc and GPS, I’ve decided to hare my own trail. These icons of haring (and balding) have inspired many, and I plan to follow in their brave footsteps, so, like them, I have pre-set a trail that will be one you will not easily forget – hopefully neither will I between setting the trail and the actual Hash. It will be the best hash of the week! In a deviation from popular haring technique, I have avoided all farms and burial mounds. Additionally, I advise you to be prepared for some sun as a good portion of the trail will be exposed to the elements, allowing for wonderful views and sun blackness (晒黑).

I finally got my girlfriend to cum, and as my flour bitch and translator she has chosen excellent spots for refreshment and dining. I hope you can cum, too!



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