#1176 – The Steuben Parade Hash

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What: German-American Steuben Parade Hash

When: September 15, 2012

Who: Bastian and Mark

Where: China


This week’s Hash falls on the third Saturday of September, which is, as you must know, the day of the 55th Annual German-American Steuben Parade in cities across America – the most famous instance of which was captured in the film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, where viewers were delighted by Matthew Broderick’s rendition of Danke Schoen. The parade is named after the Prussian-born General who helped train the young American soldiers serving under George Washington, therefore this parade is essentially a time for Germans and Americans to join together with anyone else who wants to send a big “Fuck you!” to the British. Let’s bring that sense of community and brotherhood on the hash!

Additional information regarding the hash:

-There is a swimming point somewhere between A and B that can be used recreationally by any of the hounds, and it is also the suggested alternative method to reach the next point of the Runners’ trail.

-There may be sharks, spiders and snakes throughout the hash.

-Dinner has been arranged on-site.


Bastian and Mark

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