#1187 – The Pinky and the Brain Hash

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Maybe he is ezi 2 lei, but he’s not that easy to manipulate!!! Otherwise how come I find myself doing the hard work of writing the hashvertisement for the last two days, while all he had to do was to scout a trail…

Yes, you may think that the agent of the Jewish plot to take over the world (first we will take over the hash) will be more sophisticated and not just admit she is testing potential candidates to a special unit that is able to take care of the sensitive area… we are not talking about the Gaza strip ;).


So…Hasher Hasher of Guangzhou (if you have the courage) come and find out how is the hardest of them all.

Be sure to cum Saturday to figure out who is Pinky and who is The Brain.. and just what the hell this all means.


What: Pinky and the Brain Hash

When: December 1, 2012 @ 1.30 PM

Where: The Gold Mango Bar

How much: Just 50 RMB.

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