2012 Full Moon Hash

The Lucky Date Full Moon Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Full Moon Hash,

八八好意頭  帶你廣州游

We know you have waited long, and you have waited hard for this 好日子Your waiting is coming to an end!

Papasan: 88好數字!好日子!
Angelina: Why?
Papasan: 88系全民健身日;另外又叫爸爸節!
Angelina: Oh! Sounds like, sounds like…

Do you know what the meaning of this dialect is?
唔知唔緊要!  Papasan話星期3同你講故仔!

Full Moon Hash in Guangzhou with two local hares on a very lucky day!

When: Wednesday, 8th Aug, 7:30pm
Where: Metro Line 8, Xiaogang Station, Exit C (
Who:  Papasan & Angelina blow me

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