#1212 – The Street Life Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Thanks to all donors for your generous contributions last week! However, I got a lot of complaints that I hadn’t properly introduced the nature of the charity that we are supporting. Especially some of the local hashers were kept in the dark because of all that English talk on our hash.

So, here we go. Please find an introduction by Pocahontas, aka Eveready, aka Pearl, written last year when we first donated to the Orphan Education Society of Guangdong, and find out what your money is being spend on:

Bottom line is we pay for two very poor primary school students the tuition fees, learning materials, school meals etc. I believe this charity is legitimate. I met the chairman twice. He is a retired former top manager of Cosco, who is financially independent, and could probably make a shitload of money as a professional consultant. Instead he dedicates his time, energy, and money to help underprivileged children. He made a very sincere and trustworthy impression on me, if you give any credit to my judgment of people.

While we are still counting*, it’s already fair to assume that we collected considerably less money than last year. That means that we will have to take the two orphans out of school by Christmas, with a bit of luck only after the New Year. But then it’s finally ‘Life on the Streets’ for them. Sorry, kids. It’s tough out there, but it will certainly teach you some very valuable lessons. Trust me. I learnt quite a few there myself, if that is any consolation to you. Probably it’s not. After all, I chose to. And I also wasn’t six years old when I did so.

Other mismanagers of the Guangzhou Hash however find the ‘street solution’ to be unsatisfactory. Believe it or not, they would (for a wide variety of reasons) rather like to see the children finish the school year.

Well, ok then, so we will again accept donations this cuming Saturday. As a matter of fact, this really makes sense, because even though we again had 70+ hashers there always seem to be some missing. A lot of people for instance were wondering why both, Sveta and Wee Willy, would miss such a highly prestigious event. Well, they actually made the ultimate hash sacrifice last Saturday. Being too super busy on every other day of the week, they made the painful decision to skip the Red Dress Run and go into the woods to find another Best Hash Ever for us. At least so they say.

So these two fine young hashers, and the others who missed last week’s hash, and of course those who didn’t get the point of what we were doing last Saturday, will get another chance to put a smile on two little angel faces.


When:                    Saturday, May 18, 2013 @ 1.30 PM

Where:                   Gold Mango Bar

What:                     smiling kids (don’t worry, not on the hash)

Who:                      Sveta and Wee Willy


On On,


*meaning I forgot the exact number I got from the Hash Cash. It doesn’t matter though, because AS YOU KNOW the number isn’t final, yet.

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