#1221 – The Smirkish Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Earlier this week I had a rendezvous with Reality. It had a big smirk on its ugly face. Do I have to say more?

Yes, I probably do.

With four active hashers gone we do not only need more hares, but also more volunteers who show up at the Mango at 1.15 PM in order to prepare the drinks and the ice etc. Without such fine people the hash cannot operate properly. So, if you see that a helping hand is needed please don’t be shy and offer yours. If we all contribute a bit we can surely wipe that smirk of Reality’s face.

This week’s hares, Hunkaspunk and Forest Hump, are both hashers with impressive track records of having defied Reality on many occasions. During the Hash press conference very late last night at the Mango Bar some concerned concerners expressed concerns though.

‘How could the Harerazor* appoint Hunka to be this week’s hare? Doesn’t he know that the Religious Advisor has to soothe the weather gods on Friday evening to make sure we’ll have good running weather on Saturday? Do you really think that this goes well together with setting another best hash ever???’

‘Yes, exactly’ replied Hunkaspunk**, and the smirk on his face was truly priceless.

Well, Reality, it’s on. Good luck trying to wipe that one of Hunka’s face.


When:                              Saturday, July 6, 2013 @ 1.30 PM

Where:                             Gold Mango Bar

What:                               Lots of smirks

Who:                                Hunkaspunk & Forest Hump


On On,


*this is in fact Constipation, but since he isn’t used to being referred to as “the Harerazor” he showed absolutely no reaction whatsoever when this misfit of a hasher “articulated” his concern.

**there was that awkward moment though, when everyone waited for the Harerazor to make a statement*** giving Hunkaspunk**** more time to work on this very elaborate reply.

***which, needless to say, never happened

****to be referred to as “the Religious Advisor” or “the RA” from now on

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