#1222 – The Bonding Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Due to the enormous success of Angelina Blow Me and Papasan’s daddy-daughter hash last month, the mismanagement feels inclined to give another daddy-daughter* team a chance for some intergenerational “bonding by haring”.


When:                    Saturday, July 13, 2013 @ 1.30 PM

Where:                   Gold Mango Bar

Who:                      French Tickler featuring Ailar

What:                     The Bonding Hash


On On,


*Before I am once again going to receive intimidating mails from those people who shoot before they ask, please, let me point out one thing: We do tolerate** kids on the hash, but the GZH3 is not going to turn into a family hash. We’d never actively encourage anyone to bring their offspring along*** unless, of course, it can be deployed as hare.

**if they fulfill these two simple requirements: a) being invisible and b) being inaudible

***No offense, but every given Saturday we see the heart-breaking effects of overexposing children to hashing. So, dear hash-parents, please do take very seriously what the young and charming Ms. Mi Tuhai from the Health Department had to report on this topic during last night’s hash press conference:

‘Hashing is a mind-altering activity that not only encourages your precious ones to pick up terminologies which also skanky crack whores would find inappropriate, but it also exposes them to new and, face it, usually pretty daft ideas, a fact that might very well backfire at you once your kids get into situations where they have to socially interact with normal people. This “hash-effect”, as we call it in the professional world, appears to be even more extreme when it comes along as intense as the Guangzhou Hash!’

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