#1257 – Constipation’s 50th Birthday Hash

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Dear Guangzhou Hashers,

This Saturday Constipation will celebrate his 50th birthday.

Doctors call it a “medical miracle” that he has made it this far but he himself contributes it simply to his intensive smoking of Taiwanese Long Life cigarettes during his years on the ROCk. Anyway, he is now officially an old fart which means that from now on you are expected to offer him a seat when he enters the Hash bus! Expensive gifts, fat HongBao’s and lap dances will be appreciated this Saturday, thank you. Only one question remains: when will he finally start to grow up?

And if this is not enough, Co-hare and well respected GZH3 beer master Forest Hump will celebrate his 29th birthday at the same day. He might look a bit nervous, stressed and even frightened to you this Saturday but don’t worry, that’s only because his girlfriend explained to him that this is in China the perfect age to get married……

And if this is still not enough for you, this Saturday will also be 1 day before Little Turd’s 11th birthday so you might wanna get her drunk as well…..oh wait….

Further details:

When/Where: meet at Mango Bar this Saturday at 1PM

Hares: Constipation & Forest Hump




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