#1261 – The World Water Day Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

The World Water Day was introduced to reduce the consumption and improve the quality of water. It goes without saying that the Guangzhou Hash supports such noble causes. In order to mark the importance of the occasion the mismanagement has even gone so far as to appoint two hares who have always been at the forefront in the War on Water.

‘Last Saturday again I witnessed how hashers wasted water by lavishly drinking it, not only before or during the run but also afterwards; and in spite of the fact that the Hash provides great alternatives. Frankly, I find such egoistical behavior revolting. It leads us straight to global drought and subsequently the extinction of humanity and, I fear, eventually to the demise of the Guangzhou Hash. To set an example on how to save us from such adversities I have restrained myself from any secular use of water during the entire last week, or at least ever since I remembered that we’ll have a swimming-pool at the B-point,’ clamored our Religious Advisor and role model during his weekly sermon at the Gold Mango Bar very late last night. ‘There is only one responsible use of water, and that is to turn it into beer*, thus improving its quality,’ he concluded.

See how it’s done.


When: NEW MEETING TIME: Saturday, March 22, 2014 @ 1.30 PM

Where: Gold Mango Bar

Who:Hunkaspunk and Forest Hump


On On,


*Why not turn water into wine you may ask. Well, the Beermeister insists that he is a Beermeister and not a Winemeister and that good hashers drink beer and not wine or, for that matter, water. And the Religious Advisor dismissed the idea as ridiculous since it totally lacks originality.

PS: Make sure you turn off all the taps at home when you go to the Mango Bar on Saturday. And think twice before you open a bottle of water. Couldn’t, or better, shouldn’t you have a beer instead?

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