#1264 – The Shadows of the Past Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

For most of us the time spent on the Guangzhou Hash were the most formative years of our lives. It is here where we finally understand the meaning of life and discover the key to true happiness. However, at times life gets in the way of all this, and some hashers (the pitiable ones) have to move on to boring places. But just like in that famous hotel song: you can leave the Guangzhou Hash anytime you like, but you can never check out. You don’t believe me? Well, then please explain to me why Soggy Biscuit extended his current trip to China so that he can join another of our hashes before he goes back into his diaspora. But that’s not the only proof. Rather than going directly back to the US, Platterpuss is flying in from Germany on Thursday night, just in time for the Full Moon Hash, and so does Filthy Habits. Since the only reason for their being in Guangzhou is the hash, all of them will also run on Saturday. With so many former GZH3 dicknitaries in town even Black Sheep got permission to join us! How many more shadows from the past will we catch up with during the next few days? Cum and find out.


When:          Saturday, April 12 @ 1.30 PM

Where:         Gold Mango Bar

Hares:         Hunkaspunk and Constipation


Or give it a shot tonight at the Full Moon Hash (7.30 PM, Exit D, Higher Education Mega Centre North St., Line 4). Bring a torch!

On On,



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