#1270 – The Wet Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

In previous years we were able to raise 5000 or 6000 RMB for the Orphans Education Society of Guangdong (“OES”). This year, we broke all records, and are currently sitting on a whooping 12000 RMB to give away. The whole mismanagement says thank you to all the generous donors. 

Of course, where there is a lot of money there are also always a lot of people who have great ideas* on how to spend it. But, as much as I believe in co-determination, since we have made the commitment to support the OES we will stick to it, regardless of how much money we have raised. We better help a few more kids through school, thus making sure that in 10 or 15 years from now they’ll start their own tech company or become mathematicians or the like, rather than mugging anyone of us while scouting a Full Moon trail in the dark back alleys of Guangzhou. 

AS YOU KNOW, the Guangzhou Hash always strives to get better, and deep and profound post-run analyses are only one of the many tools that ensure the ongoing improvement that we all are a part of. So we asked ourselves what had made the Red Dress Hash such a huge success, and came to the conclusion that the overall wetness on the trail must have been a huge contributor. Hence, in order to repeat the success the hares have to do a similarly wet job this Saturday. Can they?


When: Saturday, May 24, 2014 @ 1.30 PM

Where: Gold Mango Bar

Who: Himalaya, Circle Jerk, Double-0


On On,


*Honestly, most suggestions were, to put it in a diplomatic way, completely ridiculous, with one notable exception, though. That was to provide schools throughout Guangdong with pole sticks for their PE classes. I admit, I do see the benefits. However, the mismangement in its indefinite wisdom decided against it, because if we give everything to girls and leave nothing to the boys we will certainly get accused of gender discrimination.

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