The Best B-Point Ever Hash

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Dear Guangzhou Hashers,

Heavy scouting took place yesterday over a few beers at Hunkaspunk’s balcony. We discussed long & hard which trails to use for this week’s run cooling ourselves down with those same beers. It was quite intensive but the outcum was worth it. Not only an epic run but more important a Best Ever Point B with shower facilities, swimming pool (with water and without fish) and fresh mountain air.

All this however under the condition that the Hares are able to cum back on time from their visa trip. If they get condemned to 4 days reeducation in Hong-Kong you might be in for something completely different….Anyway cum and find out!!!


Further details:

When/Where: meet at Mango Bar at 1:30PM this Saturday

Hares: Hunkaspunk & Constipation

The run: a long and a short, A to B

Point B: 5-star resort




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