2013 Full Moon Hash

The Full Moon Liberation Hash

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On 25 August 1944 Paris was liberated from Nazi occupation.

The Guangzhou Hash is still under German occupation (aka 00) and the full moon hash is managed by Dutch collaborators (aka Hunka Spunk & Constipation).

This Thursday we have an opportunity to be liberated from our oppressive overlords. Come join your fellow hashers as we follow an escape route through Guangzhou that ends at a restaurant where the flow of beer and fellowship of the hash will liberate your spirit.

The Full moon hash will be Thursday 25 August at Zhu Jiang Xin cheng metro station exit B1 at 7 PM.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

this is a counter-hashvertisement!

This morning I already received a lot of mails from hobby historians, demanding from the mismanagement to get the facts straight in hashvertisements.

After extensive research on the internet we learnt that these know-it-alls where after all right and that the current month is indeed July, and not August. Hence, the full moon hash will be predated to the day after tomorrow.


When:          Thursday, July 25th, 2013 @ 7 PM.

Where:         Zhujiang New Town Station, Exit B1, Line 5


For the mismanagement team getting historical facts wrong is a taboo, and it goes without saying that this whole dirty incident has to and shall unhappen. So, together with the run date we also took the liberty to predate the liberation of Paris from August 25th to July 25th. Smart move, you might say, but it wouldn’t be anything without a good cover-up.

We therefore approached a member of the local diplomatic corps of a Western super nation, and generously granted him the option to collaborate in this matter with the GZH3. He then urged a very shy government agency of his homeland to get out of the passive corner and try a more proactive approach. Hence, besides reading and listening only, the unnamed agency will also get involved in creative editing, starting with the relatively simple task of predating the Parisian Liberation Day. This is a great, great favor, and it does not only help the mismanagement to safe its face in front of the world. Foremost, it makes us change history.

On On,


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