#1315 & 1316 – Whorenando’s Fuck-Off Hashes

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Many people actually believe that Whorenando already hashed with the Red Guards in The Olde Guangzhou. While this seems to be quite far-fetched it is certainly true that he has hashed before any other of our current hashers, so that no one can possibly know when he started with us. That is probably why a lot of you are also not yet convinced that he is really going to fuck off, and rather prefer to think that he made up all of this for the sake of having another weekend hash frenzy.

Hashers, I hate to break it to you but Whorenando is really leaving China, and this time it is indeed for good. In order to commemorate this historical event we are going to the hot springs in Conghua.

The mismanagement has already dealt with the most urgent organizational issues, i.e. the RA is going to stall summer for another two weeks so that the hot spring pools in our hotel rooms make sense, and the bus driver has received the compulsory mental coaching for the upcumming fun rides.

We meet on Saturday, March 28, 2015 @ 11 AM and get back on Sunday, March 29 before dinner. We drive directly to the A-point without stopping anywhere for lunch. So don’t forget to bring some food on the bus. If you like to be popular you might want to bring some more and share it with the others.

After the Saturday run we check into the hotel first before circle and dinner.

On Sunday we check out of the hotel at 10AM and do the hangover hash. After the circle and a late and lengthy lunch we head back to Guangzhou.

Pay 300 RMB on Saturday to secure one of the 40 beds in the hotel. Also included in the price is dinner on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, and, of course, all drinks.

Seats are limited!

On On,


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