#1429: The Shoeless Ho Birthday Blow: Qingyuan Ballbuster

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Ladies and “Gentlemen” of the Guangzhou Hash,
After last week’s warm-up run across some of the most breathtaking construction sites Guangzhou has to offer, the time has come for the Guangzhou Hash to descend upon a real trail.
As a birthday gift to the RA the hares have decided to accomodate his request for something long and hard to test his eternal youth. The mismanagement has arranged for two virgin hares and an old used-up Three Inches for this occasion.
Three Inches has Rubbed Out a special location for this one, with views that are guaranteed to make you wet. Bring an extra pair of shoes or slippers for maximum pleasure.
The trail will be cumming with plenty of refreshments along the way on a first come, first serve basis. So set your alarms early and be ready for the first ball buster trail of 2017. The bus leaves an hour earlier for this XXXL trail, so don’t be late!
On On!
-Just David
What: GZH3 Run #1429 – Shoeless Ho Birthday Blow: Qingyuan Ballbuster! (at NOON)
When: Saturday, April 15th. Meet at NOON
Where: The Mango Bar – Taojin Exit B at NOON (Line 5)
Hares: Three Inches of Pain, Rubbed Out & Just David

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