#1431: Just What the Doctor Ordered

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Ladies & “Gentlemen” of the Guangzhou Hash,

As you may or may not know, Itchy Britches has been absent for a looooooong and hard time. Whether this is due to her having a “life” or recently suffering a serious injury, whose to judge, right? Well, say no more! The best and brightest doctors in both Guangzhou and Hong Kong have diagnosed Itchy’s underlying problem: not cumming on the hash enough! Luckily, after diagnosing the problem, they offered some solutions for her after a few red packets under the table. The following suggestions have been made:

  • Hare with two gentlemen of the GZH3.
  • Create a trail that doesn’t run through a construction site.
  • Apply a liberal amount beer and flour to the wound area.
  • Engage in self-criticism and send your letter to the GM.
  • Organize a beer stop while showing off your big…personality.

If your life has also been going down the crapper lately, follow the advice of Itchy’s doctors. Reflect on your recent life choices and ask yourself, “Have I been cuntributing to Hash Cash enough this year?” Whether the answer is yes or no, cum on the hash this weekend! We’re just what the doctor ordered!

What: GZH3 Run #1431 – Just What the Doctor Ordered
When: Saturday, April 29th. Meet at 1:00PM SHARP
Where: The Mango Bar – Taojin Exit B at NOON (Line 5)
Hares: Scratch-n-Sniff, Minuteman, & Itchy Britches
If the original antidote doesn’t seem to have solved your symptoms, Drs. Inches and Sausage recommend taking an additional dosage to cure what ails you. The 5th GZ Metro Hash takes place on those most glorious of holidays to wrap up your looong weekend. Not only does this treatment include trail and beer, but also a swim stop during the run, so make preparations to cleanse your soul in the finest waters GZ has to offer!
What: GZ Metro Hash Run #5 – The Three Inches of Sausage Hash
When: Monday, May 1st. Meet at 1:00PM SHARP
Where: Yongtai Metro Exit B2 (Line 3)
Hares: Three Inches of Pain & Lost Sausage
And don’t forget Friday’s social run!
What: Social Run
When: Friday, April 30th. Meet at 7:00PM
Where: The Strand – Wuyangcun Exit A (Support The Strand – buy some beer!)
Hares: Set your own trail!
Bash: Little India

On On!

-Scratch ’N Sniff

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