#1477: The Global Warning Tips

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of The Guangzhou Hash, Global Warming is an enormous problem globally, but especially for the Dutch and their low level country. this inescapable fact led the Hare of this week, Hunkaspunk, to China finding a safe space in the back country of GZ. He paired up with mountaineering expert Lost Sausage to find a natural pace in the mountains to get the belly cooled from outside and inside to survive even the hot and shitty lobal warming days.

So get READY for the BEST HASH EVER with a cold pool, cold beer, and global warming tips.

WHAT: GZH3 Run #1447: The Global Warning Safe House Hash

WHEN: Saturday, August 19th, 1:00PM *GERMAN STYLE (ON TIME)*

WHERE: Mango Bar, Taojin Exit B (Metro Line 5)

HARES: Lost Sausage & Hunkaspunk

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