Run # 1514: ‘The everything-is-on-fire-but-it’s-fine Hash’

Ladies and gentlemen of the Guangzhou hash,

As you know the world has been going to hell in a handbasket recently…

… and Just Taylor has had enough. The shit she’s been dealing with has led her to the realization that life is not fair. It took her 26 years to learn it but she’s finally absorbed the meaningless fact that life as a human being is rather unfair. (Hiking club as you might imagine has been aware of this unfairness for some time and as a rule sets her expectations low).

It was with this anger and disillusionment that Just Taylor went haring for the first time.
“It’s too easy,” complained Taylor, as they bushwhacked up a hill, “life’s not easy, let’s make this harder.”
“Ummm ok,” said hiking club as she fell in a thorn bush.

“What IS this? It’s too freaking easy,” growled Taylor as they completed a 2 km uphill climb.
“Ummm ok,” said hiking club as she tripped over a root.

“Goddamnit! I think we need to scout again and find a harder trail,” nagged Taylor, as they pushed their way through Mandarin trees.
“Ummm ok,” said hiking club as she received the benediction of a spiderweb full in the face

Cum Saturday to see what Hiking Club and Taylor found to inflict on their fellow masochists

What: GZH3# 1514: The everything-is-on-fire-but-it’s-fine Hash
Hares: Just Taylor & Hiking Club
When: 13:00 on Saturday Nov 10th
Where: Mango Bar Taojin Exit B (Line 5) 
Cost: 0 – 6 yo free, 7 – 12 yo 65 RMB and 13+ 130 RMB cash or WeChat for bus, run, drinks and dinner.
Bring: Change of clothes, shoes and a Virgin

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