Run #1529: ‘The MULTI-CLIMAX hash’

+🌳 =⛰ ≡ 🐢+ 🍑= Eureka!

Following their fundamental scientific discovery of the equivalence of Hashgasms and Orgasms (both resulting in symptoms such as increased heart rate, loss of bodily fluids, and general feelings of ecstasy), Turtlehead and Creamy Buns are proud to offer you the long-awaited “MULTI-CLIMAX TRAIL”.

If you are interested by:
-Horizontal (and uphill) Jogging
-Penetrating bushy trails 穿入毛茸茸的森林
-Edging close to the precipice 悬崖l临射刹车
-Wet mud sliding 湿泥润滑
-The sounds of spring screaming 叫春
-Hunting for wild mushroom(tips) 野外寻找黑木耳
-Dehydration 被榨干了
-Riding dragons 双龙
-Grasping long and stiff bamboo shafts 抱着湿竹少女
-Virgin trail sacrifice 祭祀处女
-Witnessing rare and endangered wildlife, such as the Venus Butterfly 目睹濒危物种,例如白虎
-Feeling disappointment and physical pain to discover the hare had been faking that trail the whole time 假高潮

Then this hash is for you. A chartreuse-based “Orgasmic Verdant lady” cocktail will be served at the fireworks grand finale.
Get ready to come! Many times over!

What: GZH3 Run# 1529: The MULTI-CLIMAX hash
Hares: Turtlehead & Creamy Buns ( AKA Creamy-Head )
Date: Saturday Feb 16
MEET: 13:00 Mango Bar
(Taojin Line 5 Exit B)
Cost: 0 – 6 yo free, 7 – 12 yo 65 RMB and 13+ 130 RMB (cash or WeChat) for bus, run, drinks and dinner.
Bring: Change of clothes, shoes, an experienced pig and a curious virgin !

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