Run #1567: ‘The “It’s the GM’s Job to Write the Hashvertisement” Hash’

Ladies and “Gentlemen” of the Guangzhou Hash House Harriers,

In his attempt to find a TRULY virgin trail for the GZ Hash this week, your hare went to Maofengshan on Monday. He went to Tianluhu on Tuesday. On Wednesday he went to Dayuan. Then on Thurdsday Dafushan. Now on the slopes of Luogang, as he attempts to scout the most virginest of hash trails for all his fellow hashers, he finds himself without the virgin trail he had hoped for, and with even less of a hashvertisement.


The Hare

What: GZ Hash Run #1567: The “It’s the GM’s Job to Write the Hashvertisement” Hash
Hares: Turtlehead, Just Mia
When: 13:00 on Saturday November 23rd
Where: Mango Bar Taojin Exit B (Line 5)
Cost: 0 – 6 yo free, 7 – 12 yo 65 RMB and 13+ 130 RMB cash or WeChat for bus, run, drinks and dinner.
Bring: Suncream, change of clothes, shoes & insect repellent

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