Run #1574: ‘The best hash 2020’

Ladies and Gentlemen of the GZH3,

Remember the first trail of 2019? WE DO!!
So Forget-me-twat & Pooper scooper are providing the first and the best trail of 2020 AGAIN!!!!
大意就是我们2019年best hash连提名都没有,大为恼火,所以这次杀回来就是为了得奖什么的.
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The Hares
What: GZ Hash Run #1574: The best hash 2020
Hare: Forget-Me-Twat & Pooper Scooper
When: 13:00 on Saturday January 4th
Where: Mango Bar – Taojin Exit B (Line 5)
Cost: 0-6 yo free, 7-12 yo 65 RMB and 13+ 130 RMB cash or WeChat for bus, run, FREE FLOW and dinner.
Bring: change of clothes, umbrella, shoes, snacks, babies for Forget-me-twat and virgins for Pooper scooper