Run #1581: ‘The Third time’s a charm Hash’

It’s a MARVELLOUS day for a hash! ️

Ladies and ‘gentlemen’of the Guangzhou Hash.

Warning, no bus this week! Running from Changban subway station of line 6 to B. No dinner, just beers.

As the old saying goes, good things come in threes. If you missed the first two, this week’s hares are offering you the THIRD chance to refresh your lungs and throats on the best COVID-19-free trail in Guangzhou ever! (or at least one that they might be able to set without getting lost…hopefully)

This hash will not feature our loyal bus driver, but we might be able to find a subway. Only cost of beer to be shared among the hashers and absolutely nothing else. No sex on trail, no goodbye kisses, no body shots. Maintain at least 2m from all strangers, hashers, hikers, bikers, trees, the ground, your dignity.

The hares!

Run: #1581 ‘The Third time’s a charm Hash’
Hares: Cumpass, Pin Prick
When: February 15th, 3PM
Where: Subway line 6, Changban station exit C
Price: Free
Bring: Change of mask, clothes, mask, virgin, mask, hazmat suit, mask, umbrella, mask