Run #1583: ‘The Great Leap Forward Day’

Ladies and ‘Gentlemen’ of the Guangzhou Hash,
This Saturday marks the second Guangzhou Leap Day Hash and only the first in 28 years. Surely everyone remembers this momentous occasion, and don’t call me Shirley. Of course we all recall when the GM at the time (Clump of Cum) opened the circle and accused his Ass-GM (Startling Pubic Abrasions) of not doing enough for the Hash, starting a long line of useless Ass GMs. Walking Organization and boyfriend Poultry Feces were called out for not attending the Hash recently due to an “extended” new year holiday, and Cuddle My Spaghetti was turned away from the B point amidst fears he had a massive fever. Of course no one can forget that trail fuckup that hares Small-but-Agitating-Penis and Giver-of-Orgasms-to-Endangered-Species laid down, but in the end, they all celebrated Eveready’s 40th birthday and went to the Cave Bar.
Saturday is your last chance at a Leap Day Hash until February 29th 2048, when we’ll be taking the escalator to the Starbuck’s on top of Maofengshan and GM Just Nila argues with the pilot of the helibus that the Hash shouldn’t pay the 50,000rmb fine for flying through restricted airspace.
No bus this week! Carry what you bring…
On On!
The Hares!
What: GZH3 Run #1583 ‘The Great Leap Forward Day’
Hares: Three Inches of Pain & Pandamoanium
When: February 29th. 2:30pm
Where: Kemulang Exit A (Line 6)
Price: Free (share costs of beer)
Bring: Change of mask, clothes, mask, virgin, mask, hazmat suit, mask, condoms, swimsuit