Run #1591: ‘The 12345 Hash’

Ladies and ‘Gentlemen’ of the Guangzhou Hash,
Warning, no bus this week! Running from Kemulang subway station’s Exit B.
Scouting Saturday’s trail was a long and hard endeavour. Actually, it wasn’t the trail scouting that was difficult, it was the restaurant scouting that left us soft and flaccid.
Your loyal, devoted hares went searching for waiguo-friendly establishments and had the same success rate as No Means No finding a date. Numerous times we were turned away – but, Lo! We persisted! We stayed the course!
Finally, after a myriad of failures, we finally found a restaurant with a friendly proprietor who assured us it was okay to cum inside her (restaurant). The only thing concerning was the loads of Budweiser and Snow beer we saw in the fridge. We asked the kind lady if it was possible for her to have some boxes of Harbin on ice for us on Saturday.

She simply pointed to the far wall, where a temple of blue boxes was stacked in a glorious monument to debauchery, and said….

“Is 200 boxes enough for your group???”
ON ON!!!!!!!!!
-The Hares
PS. Wuyang IPA makes its return to the Guangzhou Hash compliments of The Strand. SUPPORT THE STRAND!
What: Guangzhou Hash Run #1591: ‘The 12345 Hash’
Hares: Three Inches of Pain & Just Eros
When: Saturday, April 25th, 14:30
Where: Subway line 6, Kemulang station exit B
Price: Free (share dinner and beer costs)
Bring: Change of mask, clothes, virgin, hazmat suit, condoms, snacks, dirt…updated Suikang code…the 12345 hotline on speed dial.

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