Run #1602: ‘The Bent End Hash’

Ladies and ‘gentlemen’ of the Guangzhou Hash, as you know this weeks hares are two of the more refined and sophisticated members of GZH3 – their trail, however, is not!  Ladies – are you sick and tired of having to deal with a drunk, floppy, unable to perform boyfriend on a Saturday night?  Fear not, for this week the hares have found enough treasures on trail to have you fully satisfied before you reach the beer stop so that you won’t even notice how inept your BF is becoming, although it may make you question why you are with him in the first place.  
Hares: Womb Raider and Pooper Scooper
When: Saturday, July 11th, 1:00pm meet, 1:30pm OnOn
Where: Mango Bar, Taojin Metro Line 5 Exit B
Cost: 130RMB adults, 65RMB kids, 0 babies
Bring: TORCH!!! Swim wear, shiggy socks, mosquito repellent, change of clothes, virgin

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